Funny Kid Stories - 10 Reasons I was Late #humor #momlife #parenting #funny #lol

Today we are talking about funny kid stories. Before I was a parent, I had no idea what kind of bizarre occurrences parents experience or potential reasons why a parent might be late for an appointment.

I’ve been a mom for 9 years now and I’ve seen some weird things. Some things, I wish I could unsee. But, hey, it makes for a good laugh. So here’s some funny kid stories from my own home: My Top Ten Reasons Why I was Late.

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Funny Kid Stories

1) The baby decided to dirty her diaper right before we walked out the door. I mean, I had my hand on the door knob…

2) My kid refuses to wear clothing unless it has a cat on it.

3) My son pumped an entire bottle of soap onto the bathroom floor and was skating in it.

4) My toddler lost her shoes. All of them. 3 pairs.

Funny Kid Stories - Ten Reasons I was Late - the crazy things parents deal with on a daily basis #momlife #parenting #funny #lol

5) My favorite boots were the target of an ill-timed freak milk accident. Absolutely drenched in sticky cereal residue.

6) My 3 year old went boneless like a jellyfish, completely limp, and wouldn’t get dressed or walk to the school bus, because she declared it was Sunday.

7) My toddler went into stealth mode, took my purse, snagged my credit cards, and littered them around the house.

Funny Kid Stories - 10 Reasons Why I was late.... oh the parent life!  #momlife #humor #funny #lol

8) My kids were eating breakfast like sloths.

9) My toddler locked me out of the house and I had to have a neighbor help me break into my own home.

10) I tried to put on my shoes, but the shoe strings were missing. My toddler unlaced both of my shoes and hid the strings from me.

Parenting is hard. So Hard. So, the next time you see a family with young kids, smile and give them grace, because they probably have already had a very full day of shenanigans by 9:30 am.

If you are a parent, feel free to share one of your funny kid stories by commenting below!

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Top Ten Reasons I was Late - the crazy mom life....  #parenting101 #humor #funnykidstories #lol
Funny Stories about Kids - 10 Reasons I was Late  #parenting #humor #momlife #funny