Sometimes, you just have to laugh at yourself. So, that is what this is…me laughing at myself and letting my awesome readers, all 3 of you, in on my embarrassing moment.

A few months ago, my dear friend told me that she met someone that reminded her of me. She thought that if I met this person, I would really hit it off and we would naturally be great friends. I’m sure she was right. Positive in fact. I COULD have been great friends with this person….if I could only have remembered her name.

Time Number 1

I happened upon her the first time at a church function. She had brought her kids to an event I was helping host. I was busy, but not super busy. She happened to be near me most of the day as our kids are of similar ages.

And….I made a mistake, friends….I assumed that I already knew her name. My friend had told me her name, but oh, no. No. I didn’t remember her name….I remembered her husband’s name. And then I skewed that manly name into women’s version of his name. And I said it ….So, your name is ___________? She looked at me, super kind and said, No, my husband’s name is _____________. I apologized and then, made my second mistake.

Silly me. I didn’t listen carefully for her real name. She said it…and my brain apparently had left on vacation. Antarctica. Completely frozen, an utter brain freeze. It didn’t matter much though as the rest of the day was busy and I did what all good sweet people do and avoided calling her directly by name….brilliant, I know.

Apparently, I wasn’t completely scary because she friended me on Facebook. So we are friends guys…I can see her name any time it pops up on my feed.

2nd Go around

So naturally when I saw her a month later in person….I call out to her “Hey Stephanie!” Only, wait….you guys. Her name isn’t Stephanie. I realize my mistake as soon as the name leaves my lips. Only, I still can’t remember her name. I just can’t. She turns around…as we are the only two people in that area. I smile and go on as if it never happened. Oh my. How could I forget her name twice. Twice.

You’d think that third time would be a charm…but as I am writing this, I still can’t think of her name. I’m sure she’s super nice. Positive really. And I am certain that we would be great friends….certain. If only, if only, I could remember her name.

She who shall not be named #embarrassingmoment #humor #funny #parenting

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