Looking for an Easy Spring Craft for Toddlers? This adorable Muddy Boots craft mixes crafty fun with snack time!

I’m a country girl from the Midwest, so when the snow melts and those big spring rains come, we call it mud season! Each of my 4 kids owns “muck boots” because there’s nothing worse than getting ready for school and seeing that your child’s sneakers are completely covered in mud.

Muddy boots are a natural part of spring around here!

For this easy spring craft for toddlers, we are going to color the boots page and then make chocolate pudding to finger paint “mud” onto the boots!

Muddy Boots Spring Craft - An Easy Spring craft for Toddlers - child finger painting with pudding onto a boot printable

Kids love this project because of the pudding, of course! Be sure to make a big batch so that the kids can have a snack afterwards!

If there are allergies in your classroom, you might make an adjustment by using brown paint or using brown food coloring to dye a similar substance.

Alright! Let’s get started!

Muddy Boots printable for spring craft for toddlers

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Supplies Needed for the Muddy Boots Craft

Here’s what you will need for this Easy Spring Craft for Toddlers:

– The free Muddy Boots printable (available at the end of this article) You may wish to print on cardstock.

– Crayons or colored pencils

Instant Chocolate Pudding & Milk (check the box for any additional ingredients)

Mixing Bowl & Spoon

– Small bowls for pudding

– Table Cloth


child coloring a boot printable

How to Make the Muddy Boots Spring Craft for Toddlers

First, print out the Muddy Boots Printable at the end of this article. It’s totally free! Just hit the download button and print. You may want to use cardstock to make it more durable, but regular paper should be fine.

Have your child color the boots. My two youngest kids were excited to do this spring craft today. One decided to make rainbow colored boots and her sister made mismatched boots.

Once they have finished their coloring page, it’s time to get messy! You may wish to have the kids put on a smock or old shirt. Cover your table with a table cloth.

1. color the printable2. make pudding3. finger paint with pudding onto the boot

Finger Painting with Pudding

I like to prepare the pudding with my kids. This shows them how to follow a simple recipe and of course, kids love cooking projects. My 10 year old jumped in to help make the pudding.

I usually use Jell-O chocolate instant pudding, but you can also use already prepared pudding cups.

Once the pudding is prepared, it’s time to finger paint!

Give each child a small amount of pudding in a bowl. Show them how to add a little “mud” to their boots!

Finger Painting with pudding on the Muddy Boots Toddler Spring Craft

Some kids will add just a touch mud and others will go “all in” and make some really muddy boots!

Once they have finished their art work, set the painting aside to dry. After the kids have washed their finger-painting hands and serve up the extra pudding as a snack for them to enjoy!

That’s it! A super easy and edible finger painting craft for toddlers and preschoolers. I hope your kids have fun with this spring craft!

Free Printable Muddy Boots Toddler Craft

If you are looking to extend the fun and learning read on! Otherwise, you can skip to the bottom of this article for the free muddy boots printable.

Mud Books for Preschoolers

Here’s some book recommendations you may wish to read with your children about Mud! My family either owns these Mud books or we have read them in the past. I hope you find a great book to incorporate into this muddy spring time theme!

little blue truck book

Little Blue Truck by Alice Schertle – The importance of being kind is shown in this adorable story about a Little Blue Truck who gets stuck in the mud while helping another truck. Little Blue’s friends come to his rescue, showing the power of kindness.

Ducks in muck

Ducks in Muck by Lori Haskins – This easy reader mud book is about ducks who are trapped. Luckily the men who trapped them get stuck in the mud while the ducks regain their freedom. There’s not many words as it is a beginning reader book, but it’s a fun story my kids love to read again and again!

Pete the Cat: I love my white shoes

Pete the Cat: I Love My White Shoes by James Dean – This well-known book has great rhythm. As Pete the Cat goes walking down the street, he steps on things that change the color of his shoes. His shoes go from white, to red, to blue, to brown. One of the things he steps into is mud! Your kids will love reading this book again and again. You’ll love Pete’s attitude as no matter what he faces, “it’s all good!”

one duck stuck

More Books about Mud for Kids

One Duck Stuck by Phyllis Root – This mud book is a counting story (numbers 1-10) that tells the story of a Duck who needs help after getting stuck in the mud. Kids will learn the value of teamwork and can practice their number recognition skills.

mud book how to make pies and cakes

Mud Book: How to Make Pies and Cakes by John Cage & Lois Long – This is a cute how-to book for kids on how to bake mud pies and cakes. This book encourages outdoor play, getting your hands dirty, and using your imagination! You just might have a budding mud pie artist in the family after reading this book.


Mud by Mary Lyn Ray – This book is a celebration of Mud. It describes how snow melts and the change of the seasons that brings us the magnificent gloppy muck that is mud.

You can find more Children’s books about mud here from The Imagination Tree.

More Spring Crafts for Toddlers and Preschoolers

If you are looking for more spring crafts for toddlers and preschoolers here’s some ideas:

1) Yarn Wrapped Carrot – This easy craft uses cardboard from your recycling bin to create carrots. Perfect for a spring gardening theme!

2) Find a bunch of flower craft ideas for your spring theme.

3) Make these nostalgic Pudding Dirt Cups with your kids this spring!

4) Print off some free spring themed coloring and activity pages here.

5) Check out this adorable Bee Paper Craft! Super easy with the free printable….and it’s wings move!

Happy Spring to you and Happy Mud Season!

Easy spring craft for toddlers - Muddy boots craft - fingerpaint with pudding

The Free Muddy Boots Printable

Here’s the Muddy Boots Printable! Feel free to make as many copies as you like for personal use and of course, teachers may use it for their classrooms. This printable may not be sold. It is for personal and classroom use only.