Looking for a fun idea to celebrate dad or grandpa on Father’s Day? This free Father’s Day Poem Printable is a great way to let dad (or grandpa!) know how special he is!

This Father’s Day Poem printable makes an easy Father’s Day card or craft. There are a few options to print out, so you can pick the one that suits your needs the best!

Free Father’s Day Poem

These printables feature an original poem (written by me) that says:

My dad’s fantastic, he’s the best,

He’s better far than all the rest!

I made this special card to say,

Happy Happy Father’s Day!

**The Grandpa version of this poem substitutes the word “dad” with “grandpa.”

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Free Father's Day Printables set - Child coloring Father's Day picture featuring a poem with a tie, hat, and mustache

Father’s Day Poem From Child – Quick Option!

This first template is your “fast and easy” option! This Father’s Day Poem Preschool Printable features a hat, a mustache, a tie, and the words “Happy Father’s Day!”

Kids can color these with colored pencilscrayonsmarkers, or even paint them! This is a great option is for a last minute Father’s Day card! You can grab both the “dad” version and the “grandpa version” of this printable.

Finger Painting Father’s Day Poem with Tie

This Finger Painting Father’s Day Poem with Tie is another fun option. The big tie graphic makes it simple for little ones to either color, paint or finger paint.

Older kids may enjoy painting the tie and adding elements like sequins or glitter glue to make the project really pop!

As you can see, my 5 year old enjoyed painting with Crayola Paint Pots and then adding sequins.

Once again, you can pick either the dad or the grandpa version of this printable.

Father's day Handprint craft - rainbow handprint craft with free father's day poem printable

Father’s Day Poem Child Handprints

This version of the Father’s Day Poem features a blank page with the poem so that you have room for your own project.

Personally, as a parent, I love receiving artwork with my kid’s handprints or footprints.

This blank page with the poem is a great place to do a handprint craft.

Grab some finger paint, a paint brush, and some paper towels (for clean-up!)

Paint the child’s hand, covering the palm and fingers with paint. Next, help the child print their hand on the page, making a handprint. Feel free to use multiple colors on each hand or make multiple handprints to make the craft really colorful and fun!

To create this rainbow handprint, simply paint your child’s hand starting with red at the fingertips and then do orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. On our first attempt, we didn’t use enough paint and it dried too quickly, so after a quick repaint, we got the effect we were hoping for!

Both the dad and grandpa versions of this printable are available.

Father's Day Poem Printable - Rainbow Handprint Craft

Grab the Father’s Day Printables!

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