My mission with this blog is to provide practical help for parents. I know how hard parenting can be….and is!

I want to help make motherhood easier for you by providing awesome kid activities to keep your kids busy with screen free fun!

So, maybe, just maybe, you can drink that coffee before it gets cold.

(Or in my case, drink my Diet Dew before it gets warm. LOL)

My goal is to provide ideas that are easy to implement so that you can enjoy family fun activities with little to no prep. I especially love sharing holiday activities and holiday crafts for kids! One of my favorites is this Uncle Sam Hat.

I’m a former elementary school teacher turned stay-at-home-mom. I taught preschool, kindergarten, and 5th grade. (And, fun fact, I was a full-time nanny for a couple of years as well!)

I like to share parenting tips, advice for teaching your children, and funny stories about parenting. For some laughs with your kids, be sure to check out this list of 400+ Funny Questions to ask Kids.

I am a mom of 4 sweet kids (2 of which we recently adopted through foster care). So, I have been there, done that, and “am still doing that.”

I enjoy spending time with my husband and kids, planning vacations (especially to Disney World), bargain shopping, and creating amazing gluten free food (my husband and I are both Celiacs).

When I’m not blogging and chasing kids, I enjoy creating printables for my Etsy shop, Simply Full of Delight, named after this blog, which is fully dedicated to learning activities and printables for kids!

I hope you will join me on this journey and find some great resources here on my blog that will help you enjoy this season of motherhood!