Best Unique Gifts for Teachers

They work hard every day teaching our children.... what's the best gift idea for a teacher?

As a former teacher, I can tell you that over the years I was given a lot of apple themed gifts.

Of course, a teacher is thankful for every gift, as it's the thought that counts. But if you want a little insight into what teachers actually want....

Ranking number 1 on nearly every teacher's list is a gift card. Whether it's to a local coffee shop, Amazon, or a restaurant, gift cards are always an exciting gift to teachers!

Another great teacher  gift idea - a cute lanyard!   Most teachers have to either wear one with an ID or carry classroom keys ....or a whistle for recess!  Functional gifts are always awesome! 

Here's another amazing idea - a personalized sign for her classroom or home!    What a beautiful way to say thank you that she will treasure for years and years!

Edible gifts are also a great way to say thank you!   Getting a box of fancy chocolates or nuts can be a great gift for male or female teachers!

Be sure to check out all 20 amazing gifts for teachers here at Simply Full of Delight. So many amazing unique gifts for those awesome teachers in your child's life!